To consider your order as confirmed, you must give an advance of at least 40% of the total amount and rest one day before the date of the event, in case of cash, transfers and checks two days in advance otherwise the equipment will not be delivered.

The rent is for 24 hrs, in case the team is not returned the day and time stipulated in the contract will be extra charges per day. The costs mentioned herein do not include assembly or dismantling of the equipment. To require it so it will generate an extra cost.

The delivery and collection of equipment is carried out on the door, as long as we are given the necessary facilities and for safety reasons no equipment is delivered in second floors or in places of difficult access.

The rent of the equipment does not include freight, and it will be charged according to the place where we are requested the delivery of the equipment.

The rent of the equipment of chairs, tables, tablecloths, crockery, glassware, are for normal use, any damage requires resposición.

Any damage to the equipment (ink, wax, burn, paint, etc.) will generate an additional or total cost.

In the income of crockery and cristaleria when collecting must be accommodated and without excess food in the containers in which they have been delivered.

Cancellations are valid with five business days before the event and this generates 30% of the total amount. Otherwise it will generate a charge of 100% of the total of the note.

The modifications to the income of the equipment (increase and/or decrease), are only valid with 3 days of anticipation, in case of decrease the quantity of the equipment will be considered like cancellation, by which applies the previous clause.

Approximately 1 hour is required for every 100 people to deliver the equipment.

The awnings are in white color and the price, Inluyen placement and freight to 10km to the round of our offices, otherwise it will generate an additional cost, according to the place where we are requested, the delivery of these. See Lucy’s awning policies.

It is important that the customer is at the time of the installation of the awnings, to indicate the location, since installed the awning is complicated its relocation. See Lucy’s awning policies.

For the connection of the awning lamps, electrical contacts are required at a maximum of 20mts distance from where the awnings are installed. We reserve the make or modify the existing facilities, for security to see policies of Awnings Lucy’s.

When the equipment is delivered, the customer must verify that the equipment is delivered in a correct quantity and in good condition.

We are not responsible for the damage caused by the weather and natural fénomenos.

The delivery and collection of the rented equipment will only be carried out within the timetables from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 hrs and Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:30 hrs; It does not apply to holidays.


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